100 facts pt. 3

51. I seem to always be exhausted

52. I work upwards of 60 hours a week

53. I love my job

53. Im damn good at retail.

54. I just wish i could get back into the clothing side.

55. That…that is where i shine.

56. Im a boring person.

57. I have no desire to do much lately but sleep.

58. I havent had a cigarette in over a year.

59. Im incredibly proud of myself.

60. I am a good cook. 

61. Im also great at giving recipes

62. I am inked.

63. 10 tattoos.

64. 11 piercings.

65. 2 in my right eyebrow

66. Im seriously considering a 3rd. 

67. Im not done getting tattoos

68. I love VC Andrews.

69. Good number

70. I read a bunch of her books in midddle and high school

71. One christmas my mom bought me all of the books and had me up to date with all of her series.

72. She spent about $200 that christmas

73. Not to mention all of the sibgle books for about 2 years.

74. I loaned them to a friend.

75. Bitch moved and took my books.

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