A guest post!!

A friend of mine wrote a story. I told him I would love to post it here. Corvus Longley, https://corvuslongley.wordpress.com/. Go, sub!!

Now, without further ado, I present:

Her Scene

It was late that night and she asked politely, “Sir, may I have a scene please?” He couldn’t resist a polite request. As he nodded he moved her into the position. He tied her hands together and roped them to her feet. He held three implements in front of her.
“Cane of canes, crop, or belt?” he asked knowing which one she would choose. She always wanted the crop. It was a little black corseted end crop and it matched the lingerie she was wearing now. She pointed to the crop meekly and he chuckled to himself as he swiped it across her ass gently. She inhaled sharply as he did and he went to work.
The first couple of swats came quick and fast with little moans as they landed. He took his hand to her ass too and she gasped. It was the moaning and gasping that got him going every time. He smacked each cheek soundly with his hand then followed them with two sharp thwacks of the crop. He grinned as she rocked back into his body and caressed her ass gently.
His favorite part to spank was the soft undercheek of her ass and he soundly landed four swats on each one. He took the crop again and smacked her five times on the top cheeks. He landed two more swats of the hand right over her pussy and she begged they do something more.
He untied her feet and flipped her over on her back. He crawled between her legs and tongued her clit, softly at first, and then more firm. She bucked to meet his mouth, “Oh yes, just like that!” She pulled her arms against the rope that restrained them trying to grab his hair. He pulled back and she whimpered as he moved up to her mouth. He traced the lines of her mouth and grinned as she moaned, he loved to tease her like that. He kissed down her neck and across her collarbone, he nibbled there and she arched into him. He kissed down to her breast and gave her nipple a tug with a tongue flick. She gasped at that and pulled him closer with her legs and he chuckled.
“Such a strong girl, huh?” He moved down her abdomen and placed a kiss on each of her hipbones and went back to work. He flicked her clit and then moved down to her pussy. He tongued her and pushed inside of her, that drove her wild and she pushed into him. He loved hearing her sounds of pleasure knowing that it was his work causing it.
He knew she was close to cumming and focused more on her clit as she bucked and moaned in pleasure, getting closer and closer. She grabbed him with her legs again and her breath escaped her body as she came hard and bucked into him.
“Oh yes!” she screamed and he continued licking her and stuck two fingers inside of her. She groaned in pleasure and he started going faster knowing she would come again. He tilted his fingers up just a bit and she came again for him.
He smiled at the thought of her cumming for him and her legs quivered against him as he pulled back from her and turned her on her stomach. He wasn’t done with her yet though and started caressing her pussy. He thumbed her asshole and caressed her clit simultaneously as she pushed back into him. “Inside.” She begged and he obliged, pushing his thumb into her ass and two fingers into her pussy.
She gasped and rocked hard against him, he found her g-spot. He went slowly caressing her g-spot knowing it drove her wild, “Let’s go slow” he whispered in her ear. She pushed into him again as she moaned in pleasure. He went slow but firmly, in and out, stroking her gently. She begged for him to go faster and harder and he happily obliged. He was going faster and deeper and felt her clench as she came. He wanted one more so he kept going and stroked her clit too. Just as fast she came again and squirted on his hand as she moaned with her orgasm.
After she came down from her orgasm, he carefully untied her and brought her some water. She thanked him and cuddled into him to drink it. He turned on the TV and she handed him the glass. He held her until they fell asleep.

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