His command

“Play with yourself for me”

The request was more of a command and made me shiver. I wont deny you anything.

My hand slowly slides over my ribs. My nipples harden even more. I feel your hand moving against my leg and I want to scream. I’m so ready for you…I can barely stand the feel of the sheets on my skin.

Down….down. lower past my hip, I barely brush against my aching clit. I suck in the air through my teeth.

Gods, I wont last long. There’s no way. Then almost like magic, the bullet finds it’s way into my hands and I hear you groan softly.

Knowing that this is affecting you as well, I softly whisper “tell me when to cum” and turn the little vibe on.

I can feel your hand moving faster and your hips pumping against mine. I dont know how much longer I can wait… I’m dizzy and oh so very needy.

Finally I hear it. The words I’ve needed.

“Cum for me now”

Hearing you growl the command in my ear sends me over the edge.

My body stiffens, moans fill the air and I am lost in a sea of pleasure.

When i finally float back to earth, you are kissing me softly and smiling.

God…i wont survive this.

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