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April 4, 2013

Im so fucking hot for Christopher Eccleston. 

If ever given the opportunity I would absolutely become his dirty whore




October 6, 2009

i love my nap time. such delicious dreams happen when i nap.


“But only in their dreams can men be truly free It was always thus and always thus will be.” ~Robin Willams


it’s dark in my room, i can hardly see my hand in front of my face

i feel him pressed against my naked skin. his long, lean body conforming to my shorter, curvier one.

his breath on my neck is damp and warm, making my hair tickle my cheek.

i hear him moan in his sleep and wonder what he is dreaming about.

turning so we’re laying face to face, i pull him close. my breasts are pressed against his chest.

he moans a little louder, and wiggles in a bit closer.

i gently roll him on to his back. lifting his arms above his head.

quickly checking to make sure he his still asleep, i gently tie his hands to the head board.

he had told me that this was one of his fantasies and i wanted to make it come true…what better way than for him to wake up to it?

as i tie him up, he starts to shift positons… i can’t have him doing this.

so i tenderly place my hands on his shoulders, and it seems to quiet him.

as soon as i have him fully tied, i lightly kiss his lips

my lover is now at my mercy.

as i lay at his side, i run my fingers down his chest…his nipples….his hip.

i lean over to taste his neck.

again, he moans in his sleep.

i kiss down his sides.

his hips are moist from my tongue.

i move so that i leaning over him, letting the cool silk of my hair run down his body.

i can feel him fighting for consciousness, so i stop, hoping that he doesn’t wake up yet.

as he settles back in to sleep, i kneel between his legs, my hair forming a curtain around what i’m about to do.

his manhood is not quite awake, but will be soon enough.

i nuzzle him with my nose. inhaling the sent that is purely man.

lightly i lick him, tasting him, savoring his flavor.

he lifts his hips, silently asking me to take him fully in.

i grant his sleepy request, lowering my warm mouth to take him.

it is now that he wakes up.

he moans my name…so erotic that the first sound out of his mouth is my name.

he tries to reach down to me, and finds that his arms are tied.

as i look up, our eyes meet, and his are full of questions.

i simply smile and go back to his now hard penis.

one hand on his hip, the other cupping his heavy sac, i love him with my mouth.

my hair, flowing in the breeze of the fan, is sliding over him…making him even harder.

‘please’ he says…. but please what i do not know.

i continue to taste him. deep, slow long licks that i know he loves.

‘i’m so close beautiful’

should i deny him? i cannot

i move and postion myself over him, and slowly sink down.

we both moan…it always feels so very amazing, this joining.

slowly, driving us both insane, i move.

sweat starts rolling down.

his,mine,ours… it’s all mingled

minds soaring, voices mixing, senses in overload.

together we climax.

screaming the other’s name

breathing deeply, i lean down to kiss him.

good morning, gorgeous….how did you sleep?

and then i woke up.


October 6, 2009

tied down


being touched by so many hands

feathers, ice, tongues, scarves

how many people are seeing me?

who’s tongue is that…who’s hands?

i feel a mouth engulf my breast…

oh, god, don’t stop.

bad things

October 2, 2009

a little preamble to this ‘short’…i was introduced to a song, ‘bad things’ by jace everett.  from the moment i heard this song, i had all kinds of delicious images rolling around in my perverted little mind…


i was sitting in the bedroom, playing on the computer, mostly talking on twitter, being kinda bored. i was feeling rather lonely. for once i was alone in the house, and was able to be naked. a friend was in town, but had already made plans before i knew i would be alone. so yeah, i was feeling alone.

i had going, just playing some of my songs that i posted, love songs…rock songs….longing songs… and my ever popular theme song.

honestly it wasn’t helping my mood. i was horny, and lonely…and it was just SAD.

i decided that i was going to just bite the bullet, and use my jelly osaki. maybe an orgasm would get me in a better mood. and if it didn’t, who cared

i leaned over to grab it from my bedside drawer, and as i was opening it, i heard the door open. the loud squeeking made my heart drop right to the floor.  i tried to roll off the other side of the bed, where the gun safe was, but managed only to get caught in the damn sheet.

just my luck, i thought, someone is invading my house, i have guns, and i’m caught in a fucking sheet.  well, just FML.

as i was trying to untangle myself, i heard a voice, and it took a moment, but i recognized it. it was my friend.

i screamed ‘What in the holy FUCK are you doing, scaring the shit out of me like that? you suck ASS!!!’

he just chuckled…’ you knew i was going out tonight’, i said ‘yes, but by ‘out’ i thought you meant to clubs and stuff…not ‘out’ to scare the hell out of me.’

‘heh, well you didn’t actually ask me what i had planned, did you?’.

‘no’, i said, ‘i didn’t think to ask you’

he just smiled.

i had seen that smile before-but never in person, only from a web cam. it was so much sexier in person.

‘why don’t you tell Panda and Pixie good night, and turn off your computer’

‘ok’ so i penned a quick ‘going to bed’ to them, and sent them both a DM of ‘i’ll tell you in the morning’

shutting down the laptop, i leaned over the side of the bed,and placed it on the floor. as i was coming back up, i felt cold metal on my wrist. he had handcuffed  my right wrist.

i looked into his beautiful eyes and said ‘oh really?’

he replied, ‘ Really, Kells….really’

i laid back on the bed as he fastened the other cuff to my head board. i lifted my left wrist to allow him to cuff that one too…

he just pushed it away and said ‘no. tonight, it’s only partial restraints’

then he placed the blindfold on me.

in the dark, one hand cuffed, only partially restrained, i heard him wandering around my room.

‘what are you doing?’  i asked

‘no worries, honey–soon i’ll be ‘doing’ you, but for now just sit back and relax, and listen to the music.

as soon as he said that,  the low rockabilly intro of a song he once posted for me started.

as i heard jace talking about doing bad things, my mind wandered to what was going on. i didn’t hear him in the room. my first thought was ‘christ…he cuffed me, then bailed’

as soon as the thought finished forming, i felt the bed shift.

my friend didn’t speak- i was only hearing jace sing…

‘what are you up to?’ i asked.

fingers were placed over my mouth, telling me that i should stay silent.

my legs were crossed at the ankles…he soon corrected that.

sliding his hands from my hips to my feet, he gently uncrossed my legs, and bent them at the knee, leaving me open to his gaze.

the song ended, and restarted.

bad things….i wanna do real bad things with you.

i could feel my wetness dripping onto the sheets, and was embarrassed.  but he had already told me how hard he got when i was that wet.

i felt his fingers gently slide over my clit. i shivered. god i needed his touch!

as i raised my hips for more contact, he moved his hand.

i moaned in disappointment. damn you…touch me, i screamed in my head. but all that came out of my mouth was a wimper.

he got off the bed, walked out again, leaving me alone with jace

‘when you came in the air went out’

what felt like hours later, he came back.

‘you are NOT allowed to move. moan,cry, and scream all you want, but do NOT move’

i could only say yes.

his lips met mine, and it was like an electrical charge. i moaned loud into his mouth.

he moved his head so that he could kiss and bite my neck.

my legs were moving…searching for his, he moved his hand to still them.

‘don’t move i said…’

i growled. how could i not move when just with his kiss, he brought me to the brink of release?

he moved from my neck to my breasts….GOD i screamed…i never noticed how sensitive i was.

he played with my rings…pulling with his lips and teeth…making me moan even louder.

i could feel him smile.

again, he pulled away. meanwhile, i was slowly going insane, waiting for more, more, MORE…

i heard a tinkling…and could not place the sound.

i heard him slurping on something, and assumed he had something to drink.

i was wrong.

he settled between my legs…and touched his cold tongue to my clit.

i screamed his name.

the tinkling was ice in a glass. he swirled his tongue around, and immediately brought me to a long hard orgasm.

i don’t know who you think you are, but before the night is through, i wanna do bad things with you

i heard the grin in his voice as he said ‘ did you like that? was it worth the wait,kells?’

i couldn’t answer…there was no way to answer that.

i again felt the bed shift, he knelt next to my head…

god please let this be what i’m hoping for, ran through my head.

he moved my head, and positioned himself so i was able to taste his beautiful cock.

i had never wanted to taste something as much as i wanted to taste him.

as i slowly trailed my tongue up his shaft, he shuddered in pleasure.

‘god kells..that tongue ring of yours really will drive me insane…do it again’

smiling to myself, i started from his heavy sac…slowly making my way up to his head.

i was unable to entirely take him fully into my mouth. he was very large… 9 and a half inches… the best i could do was to take half down my throat, but it seemed to be enough for him.

i hadn’t even gotten into a good steady rhythm, when he pulled away, sweat glistening all over his beautiful body, and said ‘kells, if we don’t stop the play, the real thing will never happen’

i giggled.

he moved between my thighs and with one single thrust, filled me.

his name was one long scream…i had never felt an orgasm so powerful as when he was inside of me.

he started pumping…hard, fast, and really rough. not even fully out before he was slamming into me again.

the intensity of our foreplay…the months of teasing through twitter, yahoo, phone calls, and email took it’s toll on us both.

with one last thrust, he screamed my name…..and in hearing this sexy man yelling my name in the throes of an orgasm, pushed me over the edge yet again.

as we lay there, chests heaving, bodies spent, sweat rolling off of us, he looked at me.

‘oh my god,kells’

i couldn’t say a word…it was too earth shattering

i was quivering, shaking, and all i wanted was more…

and in the back ground….jace was singing….

When you came in the air went out.
And every shadow filled up with doubt.
I don’t know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.

I’m the kind to sit up in his room.
Heart sick an’ eyes filled up with blue.
I don’t know what you’ve done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.

When you came in the air went out.
And all those shadows there filled up with doubt.
I don’t know who you think you are,
But before the night is through,
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.

I don’t know what you’ve done to me,
But I know this much is true:
I wanna do bad things with you.
I wanna do real bad things with you.

and now, for your listening pleasure, Jace everett…bad things.


September 29, 2009

pitch black, total silence. i can hear my heart beating out a stuccato rhythm.

i know he’s here, i can smell his cologne…but he remains silent. taunting me.

‘stand still, do not move’

i comply.

fingers tenderly graze my body… making me more aroused than i thought possible.

‘get on the bed, legs spread for me’

i comply.

fingers touching, massaging, penetrating, bringing me to the brink, then backing off…

‘please, PLEASE’ i beg, ‘don’t stop’

‘it’s time you learn about bending to MY will…and how frustrating it is to not get what you want…’

i learned what it was like to give him what he wanted