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Black dress

August 4, 2018

It started like any other Saturday night. I smoothed the black stockings over my legs and fastened the silver clasp on my four inch heels. My floor length black dress hugged my curves and it made me feel like the ultimate femme fatale.  I slipped the flask of whiskey into the garter at my thigh and checked the time. Charlie was waiting for me and I was a bit more than fashionably late.

My bodyguard, Frank, was standing outside my door. He was 6’5 with skin like midnight. No one got near me when Frank was around. He was all the protection I needed. Well, that and the small .38 I had hidden on my body.

We climbed into the car and the chauffeur took off. He had his own orders from Tony and nothing I said mattered. We were late and he was going to get us there or die trying. I was really going to have to talk to Tony about this. It was more than annoying, honestly.

When we finally pulled up to the speakeasy, it was a bit of a shock. I know these are supposed to be hidden in plain sight, but this was taking it to the most extreme.

The house, if you could call it that, was barely standing. A condemned sign would have been a welcomed addition to the property. The roof looked like it was barely hanging on, and while I could hear the music coming from the inside, I was wary of even setting foot on the walkway.

Frank finally nudged me. The driver was getting anxious so I needed to get out and make my appearance in this rundown joint. I sigh heavily, prompting another nudge from Frank. I have no choice in doing what I do….so I do it well.

I make my way through the over grown weeds and grass to get to the door. Frank knocks and gives the password. I, being a female, and apparently having no common sense, am not allowed to know it. We are allowed entry and I am utterly shocked at the difference of the interior of this place.

Red velvet and gold cording. Lights and mirrors. Art deco decorations everywhere. I almost squealed in delight. It was actually quite beautiful.

I quickly got myself together, as I was here for business not pleasure, and walked to the bar to talk to Charlie.

Charlie was the quintessential speakeasy bartender. Tall, dark and handsome. He was the one all the ladies wanted to dance with and all the men wanted to be friends with. He ran a good line of cock and bull which made it easier to take his good looks. We were friends and he didn’t hit on me too much. Frank made it even less so.

“I came to see a man about a dog, Charlie, whatcha got for me?” Charlie laughed his reply “Roxie, you own the dogs, girl.” I laugh loudly and nod. He’s right. I own them all.

He makes my usual drink, the corpse reviver, and I head towards the stage. It’s long past time for me to have started, but it’s alright. Everyone is drinking so no one really cares if I’m late or not. Just as long as there is banned booze and my voice.

I notice the man in the far corner, but only as one would notice a stray dog. He’s not one of the regulars. He’s in all black. Not the colorful suits the men usually wear. I barely spare him a glance as I climb the stage and the band greets me.

After a few nods, hugs and handshakes we start our set. The first song is Love me or leave me. Our favorite cover. I love how my voice trills over the notes. While caressing the song, I notice the stray has come closer to the stage, he seems enthralled. This is nothing new…my voice usually knocks people around.  They don’t seem to expect it.

The problem was he threw me. Something in his face. Something I wasn’t expecting when I walked into this shack. My voice faltered a bit and it was enough that Frank came over and stand in front of me. blocking me from the view of everyone. This in and of itself was completely uncharted territory.

We finish the song and I beg a break, something unheard of. I’ll sing until I have no voice and Frank has to drag me off the stage.

I grab my drink and toss it back, then shiver at the taste. It’s not the best batch of bathtub booze, but it’ll do for this crowd. They don’t know the difference between high class champagne and barnyard beer. It’s a shame really, but then, it keeps my pockets full of jingle and my house full of baubles. Honestly, it keeps me from relying on Tony. I won’t be some mobster’s moll again. After Legs died, he left me enough money to keep me from having to resort to that again. Bless that dimwitted man and his deep pockets.

Frank tossed me a concerned look and I just shrug. “I need to talk to Charlie again, Frank”. He nodded and turned so I could lead the way. He always had my back. Literally. Ever since Legs got stuck, Frank has been attached at my hip to protect me. I’m lucky. Most guards go find other work. Frank stayed.

We make our way though the crowded room towards the bar and I stumble when I see the stray chatting it up with Charlie. Why? I know Charlie is a talker, luckily it’s not ever anything important. He knows who pockets he’s in.

We get to the bar just in time to hear Charlie say “I hope that you’re able boy, cause I’m tellin ya, she knows where it’s at!”.  “Hiya, Chuck. I need a refill.” I talk over the chatty bartender. If he’s talking about me, Frank will have his head. And Tony will cut out his heart.

The stray just stared at me. It was more than a little unnerving. No one has had the guts since Frank became a permanent fixture. I really didn’t know what to think.

As I was about to snark out a comment, there was a commotion off to the side of us. I turn and see two minor hatchet men were brandishing their 45s. I grab the stray’s arm and pull him quickly behind the bar. Frank and I had enough practice to know what to do, but this kid would have been a lamb in a slaughter house.

There was a gunshot and some stupid moll screamed, but then it was quiet. Against everything that Frank made me swear not to do, I popped my head up over the bar to see what was happening.

Nothing. Not a single thing happened. One of the guy’s guns went off as it hit the floor in the scuffle and no one was hurt. I was relieved. The last thing we needed was some stupid gumshoes mucking about here. Every last one of us would do some time. Even the girls. The stray was tugging on my hem and I tried to shake him off. I looked down and he had a Smith & Wesson Triple Lock. My first thought was this idiot was going to shoot himself.

I dropped back down to the floor and said, “Put that thing away. I bet you don’t even know how to use it. God save me from these heroes!” The stray looked at me (had he ever even looked away) and said in the deepest voice I have ever heard, “I’m no hero, miss. but your guard is about to lose his cool if you don’t settle down and let him do his job.” I turned my head to look at Frank and almost had a heart attack.

The big black man was mere inches from my face and had the most terrifying look on his face. Is this what everyone else sees? It’s no wonder I’m left alone. I attempt to stutter out an apology but he simply held his hand up and i clamped my lips shut. I already know the chewing out I’ll get later.

Once Frank had checked everything out and tossed me the head nod of approval, I stood up and looked around again. Charlie was making an attempt at getting the party going once more, but it appeared as though no one was buying what he was trying to sell.

I turned around and promptly tripped on a spilled drink. I fell to the floor in a very inelegant heap at the feet of the stray. I have no idea who moved faster but I do know that Frank was trying to yank me out of the stray’s arms that were suddenly supporting me. “Gentlemen, there is enough of me to go around, though I do believe I am in an immense amount of pain. Could we dispense with the machismo and get me to my bed please?” I was fading in and out, I guess I hit my head. I heard Frank and the stray arguing about whether to take me home or to a doctor. I tried to say no to a doctor, but all that came out was a long low sigh, then blackness.

When I came to, I was , luckily, in my bed and somehow in my favorite dark green silk nightgown. I was immediately incensed. WHO??  I know Frank wouldn’t have nor would he have allowed anyone this kind of freedom with me. I bolted upright and regretted it. My head swam but I also had vague memories of someone with striking eyes changing my clothes. The stray?  No.. there is no way.


Dear Readers,

This is not the story I had in my head about 2 weeks ago. I have no clue where this one came from. It flowed through my fingers and I typed like a woman possessed.  I am also not done. I believe this will be a 2 part story….maybe more.  I just wanted to get this bit out and posted before I lost it as I am prone to do.

Even if I never come back to this one, I am happy(ish) with how it is.


Thank you for reading!


When it starts…

February 13, 2017

When a story starts out like a bad porno….its gonna be a damn good day. 


September 5, 2013


Because Adam is mind melting sexy

The Concert

July 22, 2013


Walking into the concert hall, the energy is so intense that my hair is standing up on end.

Everyone is dressed basically like me… black…tight…slashed…ripped

What else would you expect from a concert like this?

I see him through the crowd. It’d be hard to miss him, he’s taller than most people here.

Our eyes catch but before we can do more than see each other, the lights go out and the concert begins.

I enjoy the music, but my mind is occupied by the tall stranger.

The raw sexuality of the show has me on edge.

The Beautiful people….The Dope show…fuck Frankie…it all just adds to the storm brewing within me.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. I whip around, prepared to fight… I’m too close to the pit, and I know better, but the energy is magnetic and I can’t help myself.

As I look up, I see it’s him…the man from earlier.

My heart beats hard in my chest as I look into his eyes…

He’s smiling down at me.. I can feel my own smile pulling at the corners of my mouth.

He leans down and brushes his lip against mine, tender and lingering.

Pulling on my hand, he leads me away from the crowd into a secluded corner.

Shrouded in the semi-darkness, he presses me against the wall, his larger frame completely hiding me from view…

He tugs my hands over my head, turning them so my palms are flush with the wall

Do NOT move them, he growls into my ear.

All I can do is simply nod. my mind is focused on his body so near mine.

Tracing my jaw, he lightly presses on my chin, opening my mouth.

Capturing my lips, he nibbles, sucks… slides his tongue along mine. I moan into his mouth, leaning forward slightly to encourage him.

Tainted love begins to play….a perfect sound track for an illicit encounter.

He runs his hands up my sides, thumbs just grazing the sides of my breasts….teasing me

Getting down on his knees, he runs a finger over my fishnet clad leg, from the top of my knee high boots to the short hem of my black skirt.

My hands threaten to leave the wall, wanting nothing more than to bury themselves in his dark hair.

He sees and simply shakes his head, and that’s enough to make them stay.

Returning his attention to my legs, he wraps his hands around the backs of my thighs, squeezing and forcing them slightly apart.

Immediately, `the smell of my arousal fills my nose. He grins, and I blush as red as my hair.

Closing my eyes against the embarrassment, I can feel him lifting my skirt. The air is cool against my heated skin.

Leaning my head against the wall, I feel his breath on my thighs, through the holes in the netting.

He clearly sees I’m not wearing underwear. I hear his low chuckle of surprise.

Biting my lip, silently begging him to do SOMETHING… the agony of anticipation is making me ache for his touch.

He comes closer, his tongue just barely touching my center. Fighting back a moan I bite my lower lip.

Hooking my leg over his shoulder I bring him in closer, no longer content to merely stand there. Desperate to be an active partner in this seduction.

Laughing, he kisses my inner thigh…his tongue making wet trails to my core. Making me moan almost as loud as the music.

He tastes me, licking and sucking as if I were the sweetest confection he’d ever had.

My legs begin to shake, I can feel my orgasm building. Grabbing my hips, he thrusts his tongue even deeper pushing me towards my release.

Screaming, I let go… my muscles tensing, back arching, leg pulling him even closer.

Sucking on my clit, he prolongs it… I’m shivering. Unable to speak.

Removing my leg from his shoulder, he stands and kisses me deeply, his hand on the back of my neck, holding me still so he can plunder my mouth.

I can taste myself on his tongue, and it makes me even wetter. I grind my hips against his, but he steps back, obviously wanting to be the one in control. Growling, I accept his dominance over me…

He spins me around and places my hands back on the wall.

I can feel him against my back. His hands sliding down my arms…..I whimper in need.

When he moves away, the rush of cold air physically hurts after him being so close.

He flips the back of my skirt up…rubbing his hand over my cheeks. Warming them.

Suddenly, a full swat lands on me. Immediately, I cum… sliding down so much, he has to wrap his arm around my waist to keep me upright. Luckily, he doesn’t say a word about my hands being away from the wall.

Recovering, he places my hands back on the wall, and lifts my skirt again

I can feel him ripping my fishnets…one strand at a time.

He’s tugging and making the fabric pull and strain against my clit. He knows exactly what he’s doing.. I can hear his light laughter when I moan and arch.

He’s finally happy with his destructive handy work, and his hand returns to my ass. Rubbing, caressing.

Pushing on my shoulders, makes me bend forward, still keeping my hands on the wall.

I feel him rub his head against my ass. I spread my legs a bit wider in invitation.

Slowly, he slides inside me. Filling…stretching… rubbing.

Something is different…. A sensation I’ve never felt before. Something… extra?

Once he’s fully inside me, he leans over my back to whisper in my ear ‘Are you enjoying the Prince?’

I shudder in pleasure… I’ve never felt this before. Cold metal rubbing on my g spot. He chuckles and simply says ‘enjoy’

Pulling out, he slams into me, hitting the very spot designed to make me scream in pleasure. Arching, and pressing against the wall to meet his thrusts, head thrown back, begging for more.

He pounds into me… that piercing rubbing perfectly. Making me moan and shiver against him.

With a few thrusts, I’m cumming hard around his hard cock. Clenching my muscles, screaming, begging him for more…more…more…

I can feel him tense up. Fucking me harder than ever, raking his nails down my back, holding my hips to keep his leverage.

His hot, masculine release flooding me…searing.

Panting and sweating, leans over me, kissing my neck whispering nonsense words of praise and approval.

Finally, our breathing returning to normal, he straightens up and adjusts his pants.

Reaching over, he removes my hands from the wall, kissing each palm and lightly nibbling on the pads of my thumbs.

Holding my hands in his, he leans down and gently kisses me then walks away.

Watching him walk away, I whisper my thanks to the gorgeous stranger and wander off to find my car.

amanda’s bday story

July 10, 2013

Thid was originally written in 2009 as a birthday gift for a dear friend

I hope you enjoy it.

Amanda’s birthday was coming up. Lucky Ron gets to go, while Pixie and i were stuck in our respective homes. pouting.

But, luckily for us, that Ron had an amazing idea for a gift for our lovely love slave.

as the day of Amanda’s party arrives, josh is standing next to her as she is greeting her guests.

Ron is walking up to the door. Amanda squeals as she sees him. she runs down the path and launches herself into his arms, knowing without a doubt, that he will catch her.

‘i can’t believe you’re actually here,Ron!!’ she exclaimed. he laughed, as he hugged her, ‘didn’t i say i’d be here?’

Josh walked to them, and he and Ron shook hands. ‘glad you could make it, man!’ ‘wouldn’t miss this for the world’ Ron replied.

Amanda, being so excited, missed the devilish glint in the guys’ eyes.

since Ron was the last guest to show up, the three walked into the house to enjoy the party that was already in full swing.

drinks were being passed around, food was being eaten. the DJ was getting everyone up and dancing. it was a great place to be on a Saturday night.

Josh and Amanda, just finishing up a slow dance that had a few people looking for dark corners, walked outside to join Ron who was smoking a cigarette.

Ron said to them, ‘this is a really great party,Amanda! i’m really glad i was able to be here for it, and you!’ Amanda replied, ‘i’m having so much fun!!! Ron, thank you so much for coming down!’ then with a touch of sadness, she said ‘Damn, i wish Pixie and Kelly could have been here-we would have had you boys wrapped around our little fingers’

‘funny you should mention them, they asked me to give you something’ Ron said. catching Josh’s eye, Ron reached into his pocket and produced a letter and a  cd.

handing the letter to Amanda, Ron told her ‘first, the letter’

Amanda turned her back to the boys to read the letter in relative privacy.

‘ Dear #loveslave,

we hope that you are having a great time at your party! #shitgiver and #pookeybutt BETTER be treating you like a princess.

we didn’t have much money for a gift, but we did figure out something we think you’ll love…so turn around and face the boys, they’ll take care of you!

hugs and kisses,

#wifey and #loveslavedriver’

Amanda, a little confused, but still happy in knowing that her girls thought of her, turned back to Josh and Ron.

‘well, what is it?’, holding out her hand for the cd. Ron handed it to Josh, ‘it’s not that…that’s later’.  they blindfolded her and walked her back in to the house. trusting her friends, she didn’t protest.

she felt the cool of the AC and heard her guests, everyone was starting to go quite, as if they were waiting for an important announcement.

she was nudged to sit down. as she reached up to take the blindfold off, a hand pushed hers away, ‘not yet, my love’ Josh whispered in her ear, ‘we’re not quite ready for the unveiling’. Amanda giggled, but had no idea what was in store for her.

she heard rustling and assumed that Pixie and Kelly had gotten her a naughty gift. so she settled into the chair and began thinking ahead to when everyone was gone and she and Josh could utilize later in the evening.

Ron and Josh both reached down to remove the blindfold.

Amanda was face to face with a box as tall as she was.

she could not imagine what kind of sex toy could be in there…unless they purchased her a swing, and the boys put it together and boxed it up. she wouldn’t put it past those girls to do something like that.

smiling at the thought, she stood up. Josh handed her a pair of scissors, and told her ‘carefully,’s very fragile’

gently, Amanda started to run the edges of the scissors down the taped flaps of the box. she had only gotten half way down, when out of the box popped Pixie and Kelly.

Amanda screamed, ‘OH MY GOD!!! what the hell are you to doing here?’ giggling, Pixie and Kelly fell on Amanda, hugging and kissing her.

Pixie said ‘well you don’t think we’d let the boys have all the fun, did you?’  Kelly said ‘and when have you known me to miss a kick ass party?  happy birthday, loveslave!!’

Amanda had tears running down her face… ‘what an amazing gift, you guys are the best!’

after finally catching her breath, she went to hug Ron… ‘you are such a kick ass guy!!’ Ron smirked.

she walked to Josh, ‘i love you!’ and that was enough.

the group continued to party. drinking too much…eating too much, and just having fun.

after the last of the guests finally left, they sat on the floor in the living room, talking and replaying the look on Amanda’s face when Pixie and Kelly popped out of the box.

‘by the way,Ron..what was  on that cd?’ Amanda asked.

Ron grinned, got up and walked out of the room.

Amanda was puzzled, had she said something wrong?

Josh, Pixie and Kelly just giggled.

when Ron walked back into the room, he had a dvd camcorder.

seeing this, Pixie got up and started lighting the candles that were scattered all around the room.

Josh turned off the lights, and Kelly moved closer to Amanda.

they all started singing ‘happy birthday’ to her, and her smile grew even wider.

Josh leaned into Amanda and deeply kissed her, ‘happy birthday, sweetheart’

Pixie and Kelly leaned in as well, running hands up Amanda’s legs… ‘yes, happy birthday, loveslave’ Pixie said.

Amanda moaned…the feeling of their hands on her legs made her shiver.

she slid down so that she was laying flat on the floor.

‘nope, no laying down on the job,sweetie, get up and lets get the real party started’ Josh told her.

her eyes widened. was this REALLY going to happen? could her birthday get that much better? Amanda could only hope.

they all walked into the bedroom, which had already been set up for this moment. candles, oils, toys,cuffs…the works.

Amanda breathed in deep…she couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the night held in store for her.

Pixie led her to the bed, ‘ok, loveslave… strip down’ Amanda immediately pulled her party dress over her head, showing us all that she wore nothing under it all night.

as we all looked at her naked body…we each planned on what we were going to do to her. all of her teasing on twitter had each of us worked up.

Josh laid her down on the bed, Pixie grabbed the scarves and tied her hands to the headboard. Ron moved around to record it all, and Kelly just stood back and watched as things started to unfold.

as Amanda was being prepared for the action to come, Ron set the dvd recorder on the dresser, making sure that it would catch each move and every sigh.

Josh leaned down and kissed Amanda’s soft lips, she moaned.

Kelly walked over to the bed and ran her fingers down Amanda’s sides, causing goosebumps to form on her perfect flesh.

Pixie and Ron were down at Amanda’s feet…they started rubbing them. taking away the marks left by her shoes.

while they were down there, they tied her feet to the foot board.

Amanda was now fully at their mercy.

Josh knelt down, and began licking Amanda’s right breast… Kelly started on her left.

as Josh and Kelly were lavishing our attention on her beautiful tits, Ron and Pixie started to nibble on Amanda’s toes.

immediately Amanda had an orgasm.

everyone giggled.

climbing up on the bed, Pixie was the first tonight to taste Amanda. no sooner had Pixie’s tongue touched her clit, Amanda was screaming in pleasure again.

Josh moved up to Amanda’s head, and her greedy mouth accepted his swollen cock. it was his turn to moan.

Ron moved from Amanda’s feet to kneel behind Pixie, he ran his hand down her back, over her tiny ass…she wiggled her assent. he lined himself with her wet slit, and slowly entered her…

Kelly moved up from Amanda’s breast so she could lean over and kiss Ron, she played with Amanda’s nipple while she sucked on Ron’s tongue and lower lip.

Josh was still being loved by Amanda’s mouth, gently thrusting his hips for her to take a bit  deeper into her throat.

Kelly moved away from Ron’s lips to kiss Josh.

Josh was a bit shocked. Kelly smiled as she kissed him, and placed her hand on his jaw to gently open his mouth.

Amanda looked up to see her friend kissing her man…and took Josh even deeper in.

Pixie, sandwiched between Amanda’s hot pussy and Ron’s hard cock was starting to climax.

little grunts and groans were emerging from her throat. Ron grasped her hips and started thrusting harder to bring her over the edge.

hearing this, brought Amanda to another orgasm as well…. soon both girls were in a contest of  ‘who cums first’…. they tied.

Ron slid out of Pixie, and pulled Kelly away from Josh. he laid her next to Amanda, and started kissing her breasts.

Josh pulled out of Amanda’s mouth, much to her dismay. he looked at Pixie, and seeing his thoughts, Pixie moved from her position to lay on the other side of Amanda.

Josh took his position between Amanda’s legs…and slowly inserted a finger while blowing on her swollen clit

Ron was slowly kissing his way down Kelly’s body driving her crazy with his fingers,tongue, and teeth. by the time he got to her pussy, she was soaking wet. he inhaled her scent and began to lick her clean.

Pixie, not to be forgotten in the loving that was happening, got up and offered herself to Amanda’s warm willing mouth.

Josh was now inserting a second finger into Amanda’s wet opening… curling his fingers to massage her g-spot.

he was instantly rewarded with a gush of her warm cum. he lapped it up like a cat.

Kelly pulled at Pixie’s legs…pulling her so that she would be on her face.  Amanda sighed, she had been enjoying tasting Pixie while Josh was fingering her.

Ron, seeing Pixie straddling Kelly’s face, put more effort into licking Kelly’s clit. feeling the onset of an release, Kelly clasped Ron’s head in her thighs, and allowed the sexy sights and sounds to carry her to her first orgasm.

Pixie was being brought to the edge as well…but feeling the build up, Kelly held off offering her the release she desperately desired.

growling, Pixie climbed off of Kelly… reached over and drew Josh up to her lips, while sliding her hand down to Amanda’s clit.

loving the attention she was getting, Amanda started grinding on the hands that were touching her.

breaking contact with Josh’s lips, Pixie prodded him to get on his knees….then guided his thick throbbing cock directly into Amanda’s waiting hole.

hearing Amanda’s groan, Ron and Kelly looked over and watched the sensual scene that was being played before them.

reaching over, Kelly slid a finger into Pixie, surprising her. then Ron slid into Kelly..surprising her too.

Kelly quickly brought Pixie to a shuddering orgasm…while Ron was thrusting hard into her willing pussy.

Pixie resumed her position over Kelly’s mouth, facing Ron this time. they started kissing and he played with her perk tits.

Josh was slowly fucking Amanda…causing little moans of pleasure to escape her throat. her sounds of pleasure were beginning to fill the room, making everyone even hotter.

Pixie reached over, and released Amanda’s left hand from the scarves. allowing her limited access to the naked bodies that were surrounding her.

the first person Amanda touched was Josh…there was so much love in just the brush against  his chest, that he was immediately brought to the brink of his own release. he slowed down…not wanting this to end.

Amanda moved her hand from Josh’s chest, to Pixie’s sweet ass. sliding a finger down the cleft, she gently probes Pixie’s tight hole….then slowly penetrated her, resulting in Kelly’s face being covered in cum.

licking Pixie clean, Kelly was reaching her own breaking point…the sweet pussy on her face, Amanda’s finger in Pixie’s backdoor, Ron fucking her… she spiraled into a breathtaking orgasm that left her panting for breath.

Amanda looked at Ron, and said ‘i need you over here..i want to to fuck my mouth while Josh is fucking my pussy’

Ron blanched at the pleasure that brought. he pulled out of Kelly, gently moving around her and Pixie, who was still riding Kelly’s tongue, to kneel next to Amanda’s head.

Amanda looked at the engorged cock that was begging for her oral attention, and licked her lips. ‘c’mere,sexy’

Ron leaned closer, and Amanda greedily took him deep, massaging his balls as she sucked him, tasting not only him, but Pixie and Kelly as well…

Josh, still fighting back his orgasm, had slowed to barely moving. Amanda was urging him to move faster, but he held back, knowing that if he went faster, he would be finished.

moving his hand, he slid it between them, stroking her clit with his thumb. he didn’t have to wait long before Amanda was racing towards yet another orgasm. she pulled Ron deeper into her throat as she came all over josh’s cock.

Pixie, trying to regain some semblance of control, moved off of Kelly again, and looking at the three people on their right, said to Kelly ‘what a greedy little minx…taking all of that beautiful cock for herself…she really needs to share’

she leaned to Josh, pulled him from Amanda, and with his legs stretched out in front of him, straddled his hips and sank down on his shaft. they both yelled from the sensation.

Kelly sat up and seeing that Amanda’s pussy was free, made her way to that lovely area.

still sucking Ron’s dick, she suddenly felt Kelly’s tongue ring on her clit, while a finger was playing with her asshole.

slowly, so gently, Kelly slid her finger into Amanda. feeling her, licking her, enjoying the scent.

Josh was bringing Pixie to yet another orgasm, and he know that this time, he wouldn’t be able to hold back his own.

he reached over, and ran his hand down Kelly’s ass, and slid two fingers into her dripping hole.

hitting her g-spot, he ruthlessly fingered her….driving her to cum over and over again.

Ron told Amanda ‘fuck, i’m losing it’, she replied ‘i think we all are’

she continued to suck him, while Kelly was making her cum.

Josh, still fingering Kelly, felt Pixie tighten around his shaft, and that was the end.

everyone screamed… the epitome of mutual orgasms.

Ron cumming on Amanda’s tits.

Kelly cumming in Josh’s hands.

Pixie cumming on Josh’s cock.

Josh filling pixie pretty pussy with his cum.

Amanda cumming in Kelly’s mouth.

finally, Kelly got up from the bed, and walked over to the dresser.

the dvd recorder had captured everything.

‘you’re final present,loveslave…’ she said, handing the disc to Amanda… ‘happy birthday’

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July 10, 2013