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It’s just hair!!

February 8, 2020

My Sir shaved his face. He only has a mustache now.


When we started dating, I told him of my past (sexual molestation by my bio-donor) and that I have certain triggers.

Mustaches with no other facial hair is THE BIGGEST ONE.

He didn’t do it on purpose. He was trimming and… kinda messed it up. I know he didn’t do it to spite me, or to make me uncomfortable.. or any reason other than to make sure he didn’t look dumb.

But it’s hard to look at him. I know it’s my Sir. I know he is the same person he was when I left for work this morning and ran my fingers through his bushy beard.

But it’s so so difficult to look at him and feel anything but terror.


who do you deal with it???

9 years

September 1, 2018

I’ve had this blog for 9 years. Thats…. that’s a long time.

A lot of dead time but hey…life and writers block are assholes at times. So, I do what I can, when I can… when I’m allowed.. When life doesn’t try and boss me around…

So, I’m going to try and post more.  Stories…life… stuff…. hopefully more stories. But, that truly depends on my brain.  If it will let me focus enough to get the full story out before it decides to envelope it in the dense fog of forgetfulness.

Here’s to another year. One that is, I hope, full of fun and joy, stories and maybe just a bit more laughter.


Thank you!