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my turn

December 15, 2009

tied up, blind folded, and at the mercy of another.

in his mouth, a ball gag, placed there to stifle any arguments that might arise.

he promised me total comtrol.

100% submission, and he is a man of his word.

and i planned to use that fact to get exactly what i want from him.

trailing my fingers over his ribs, and down the back of his thighs, i ask him if he is comfortable.

his reply is muffled,but it doesn’t matter.

there are no safety words tonight.

i retreated into the bathroom, to finish my preparations.

leaving him on his hands and knees tied to the bed, wondering what i was going to do.

5 minutes later, i emerge. humming a little tune.

i stand in front of him and remove the blindfold.

i enjoy the look of fear on his face as he takes in the 7 inch dildo i have fastened to my hips.

i look into his eyes and say, ‘it’s time’


October 26, 2009

crowded room…people i don’t know

claustrophobia kicks in…shallow breathing, sweating hands…shaking

he takes my hand, caressing the palm.

whispers in my ear, nibbles my lobe…sending shivers over my body

suddenly the fear takes on another level…

he pulls me away from the crowd…in to the corner.

braced against the wall, he runs his hands down my hips.

still my breath is shallow….scared, but not from the crowd anymore

he kneels down, hands moving up and down my legs.

he wouldn’t do this now, would he? all these people watching, seeing….

….oh god no, please…..i don’t like this…….

‘let me show you how fear works, my love’

i win…

October 19, 2009

he loves my devious mind. can’t say i blame him…i enjoy it too.

i like to play games

he likes to win…. it works out in the end

this time, it was who can drive the other insane first.

doesn’t seem like a hard thing to do…but when we set out to play, we’re strong…sort of.

i started. sending him a naughty picture of me in the shower.

he came back with his hands wrapped around his cock.

i pulled one from our private stash…him buried deep inside of me.

his turn was me tied up, every hole filled.

i moaned. damn him, he’s going to win….that CANT happen.

thinking…what can i do?? AHH, i know..

getting out my fishnets and my heels, i gear up for war.

taking a few new pictures, designed to throw him off, i’m feeling confident

i hear a knock at my door.

grabbing my robe, i answer.

‘you win’ he says, as he throws me down to the floor.

i love our contests…..we both win.

the pictures i take

October 11, 2009

the pictures i take are mine alone.

i share with the world, but they are for me.

i take them to remind myself i am a female.

not just a wife

not just a mother

not just a friend, not just a daughter.

i take them when i’m happy and sad. but i never let my sadness or insecurities show through.

i leave that to my poems.


October 6, 2009

tied down


being touched by so many hands

feathers, ice, tongues, scarves

how many people are seeing me?

who’s tongue is that…who’s hands?

i feel a mouth engulf my breast…

oh, god, don’t stop.


September 29, 2009

pitch black, total silence. i can hear my heart beating out a stuccato rhythm.

i know he’s here, i can smell his cologne…but he remains silent. taunting me.

‘stand still, do not move’

i comply.

fingers tenderly graze my body… making me more aroused than i thought possible.

‘get on the bed, legs spread for me’

i comply.

fingers touching, massaging, penetrating, bringing me to the brink, then backing off…

‘please, PLEASE’ i beg, ‘don’t stop’

‘it’s time you learn about bending to MY will…and how frustrating it is to not get what you want…’

i learned what it was like to give him what he wanted


September 21, 2009

he has me tied to the cross…. blindfolded, helpless, and waiting.

his breath in my ear was hot and damp…making me the same.

the rope was tight. cutting into the soft flesh of my wrists and ankles.

i cannot see, he has blindfolded me.

i feel the tress of the flogger drag against my back. i writhe in pleasure, knowing what’s to come.

he kneels down, kissing the tattoo in the small of my back.

he stands up and whispers in my ear ‘you have been very insolent’

i moan, trying to say that i’m so very sorry…he covers my mouth, ‘shut up’

as i feel the sting of the flogger on my bare back, my breath rushes out….


August 18, 2009

i slid my hands across his chest, feeling the hair tickle my palms. i scrape my nails down his sides, hearing him moan in pleasure.

pinching his nipples, making them hard. repaying him the pleasure he gives me.

running a finger down his hip, to the top of his pubic hair. causing him to laugh

a brush against his inner thigh, feeling him shudder, and enjoying the power i have over him at this moment.

grasping his shaft, he yells my name.

what power i have in my hand…