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A new piercing

March 8, 2017

So i had my daith pierced today. My right one to be precise. 

It hurt.  It REALLY FUCKING HURT. to the point that my body decided that crying was the only option. I was disappointed. Ive never cried with my tatts or piercings.  I also didnt choose to cry today. It was involuntarily. And it hurt……hhhuuuuurrrrrtttttttttt
But the hope is that it takes care of my migraines. Its a bit sore right now but i also cleaned it. Carefully lol. 

And of course im looking at jewelry. Haha

I love to cook

February 22, 2017

Cooking grounds me almost as much as the beach. Ive missed it so much.  
Chicken fried chicken and homemade gravy

Smashed red potatoes with roasted garlic and Cabot extra sharp cheddar cheese


When it starts…

February 13, 2017

When a story starts out like a bad porno….its gonna be a damn good day. 

Yay for tubs

February 11, 2017

I miss baths!

100 facts

January 5, 2017

So one of my best friends sent this to me years ago at the beginning of our friendship. I’ll find my original post I sent him and share it eventually.  but for now…I’ll start from scratch.


1. I am left handed

2. my sign is Cancer

3. I’m only 5’4″.  I’m short

4. I was born in Florida

5. and I lived there until 2014

6. when I moved to Oklahoma

7. I am bisexual.

8. actually, I’m pansexual but it’s easier to say bi.

9. I am an eclectic pagan

10. I follow an Egyptian Norse Celtic path

11. I believe soul mates aren’t necessarily lovers.

12. my favorite color is forest green

13. I have tattoos and body piercings

14. 13 is my lucky number

15. I have 3 best friends.

16. 2 in Florida and 1 in Poland.

17. they know me better than I know myself

18. I love Marilyn Manson

19. I write erotica

20. and I’ve been told I’m damn good at it.

21. I am an avid reader

22. I’m upset that my new job doesn’t allow e time to read or write.

23. I miss the ocean.

24. I love to cook

25. I’m a sucker for a sense of humor

I’m gonna do this in clips. I’m tired.

New steps

April 2, 2014

I have two job interviews this week. In Boston.  1300 mikes away…

Terrified? Check
Excited?    Check
Ready to actually start a life?



October 24, 2013

My ink tells a story. Every one of my tattoos mean a lot to me. I cant imagine life without my ink.

That being said, I had a conversation tonight about one of my pieces. I was asked if I was considering covering it up.

My reply was a resounding no. While the sentiment behind the piece has changed, it is still an important piece to me.

But, truth be known…I’m already thinking about changing it. Not a cover up, but something that makes it mine.  I’ve actually been thinking about this for over a month now.

Not sure how I can change it, but I absolutely am.

Here I am

September 4, 2013

I’m happy to announce that I’m back online!!!

Fuck you, Monday

August 19, 2013

As I was speaking with a family member, I dropped my hand….right into my very tall cup of coffee.

Luckily, I drink it warm not hot.

The floor, the extension cord, my headphones…..and yes….me. 


Trying to find the humor in this, I think “well, if any of you were interested as to what I taste like….French vanilla. It’s a very good flavor.

The Concert

July 22, 2013


Walking into the concert hall, the energy is so intense that my hair is standing up on end.

Everyone is dressed basically like me… black…tight…slashed…ripped

What else would you expect from a concert like this?

I see him through the crowd. It’d be hard to miss him, he’s taller than most people here.

Our eyes catch but before we can do more than see each other, the lights go out and the concert begins.

I enjoy the music, but my mind is occupied by the tall stranger.

The raw sexuality of the show has me on edge.

The Beautiful people….The Dope show…fuck Frankie…it all just adds to the storm brewing within me.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. I whip around, prepared to fight… I’m too close to the pit, and I know better, but the energy is magnetic and I can’t help myself.

As I look up, I see it’s him…the man from earlier.

My heart beats hard in my chest as I look into his eyes…

He’s smiling down at me.. I can feel my own smile pulling at the corners of my mouth.

He leans down and brushes his lip against mine, tender and lingering.

Pulling on my hand, he leads me away from the crowd into a secluded corner.

Shrouded in the semi-darkness, he presses me against the wall, his larger frame completely hiding me from view…

He tugs my hands over my head, turning them so my palms are flush with the wall

Do NOT move them, he growls into my ear.

All I can do is simply nod. my mind is focused on his body so near mine.

Tracing my jaw, he lightly presses on my chin, opening my mouth.

Capturing my lips, he nibbles, sucks… slides his tongue along mine. I moan into his mouth, leaning forward slightly to encourage him.

Tainted love begins to play….a perfect sound track for an illicit encounter.

He runs his hands up my sides, thumbs just grazing the sides of my breasts….teasing me

Getting down on his knees, he runs a finger over my fishnet clad leg, from the top of my knee high boots to the short hem of my black skirt.

My hands threaten to leave the wall, wanting nothing more than to bury themselves in his dark hair.

He sees and simply shakes his head, and that’s enough to make them stay.

Returning his attention to my legs, he wraps his hands around the backs of my thighs, squeezing and forcing them slightly apart.

Immediately, `the smell of my arousal fills my nose. He grins, and I blush as red as my hair.

Closing my eyes against the embarrassment, I can feel him lifting my skirt. The air is cool against my heated skin.

Leaning my head against the wall, I feel his breath on my thighs, through the holes in the netting.

He clearly sees I’m not wearing underwear. I hear his low chuckle of surprise.

Biting my lip, silently begging him to do SOMETHING… the agony of anticipation is making me ache for his touch.

He comes closer, his tongue just barely touching my center. Fighting back a moan I bite my lower lip.

Hooking my leg over his shoulder I bring him in closer, no longer content to merely stand there. Desperate to be an active partner in this seduction.

Laughing, he kisses my inner thigh…his tongue making wet trails to my core. Making me moan almost as loud as the music.

He tastes me, licking and sucking as if I were the sweetest confection he’d ever had.

My legs begin to shake, I can feel my orgasm building. Grabbing my hips, he thrusts his tongue even deeper pushing me towards my release.

Screaming, I let go… my muscles tensing, back arching, leg pulling him even closer.

Sucking on my clit, he prolongs it… I’m shivering. Unable to speak.

Removing my leg from his shoulder, he stands and kisses me deeply, his hand on the back of my neck, holding me still so he can plunder my mouth.

I can taste myself on his tongue, and it makes me even wetter. I grind my hips against his, but he steps back, obviously wanting to be the one in control. Growling, I accept his dominance over me…

He spins me around and places my hands back on the wall.

I can feel him against my back. His hands sliding down my arms…..I whimper in need.

When he moves away, the rush of cold air physically hurts after him being so close.

He flips the back of my skirt up…rubbing his hand over my cheeks. Warming them.

Suddenly, a full swat lands on me. Immediately, I cum… sliding down so much, he has to wrap his arm around my waist to keep me upright. Luckily, he doesn’t say a word about my hands being away from the wall.

Recovering, he places my hands back on the wall, and lifts my skirt again

I can feel him ripping my fishnets…one strand at a time.

He’s tugging and making the fabric pull and strain against my clit. He knows exactly what he’s doing.. I can hear his light laughter when I moan and arch.

He’s finally happy with his destructive handy work, and his hand returns to my ass. Rubbing, caressing.

Pushing on my shoulders, makes me bend forward, still keeping my hands on the wall.

I feel him rub his head against my ass. I spread my legs a bit wider in invitation.

Slowly, he slides inside me. Filling…stretching… rubbing.

Something is different…. A sensation I’ve never felt before. Something… extra?

Once he’s fully inside me, he leans over my back to whisper in my ear ‘Are you enjoying the Prince?’

I shudder in pleasure… I’ve never felt this before. Cold metal rubbing on my g spot. He chuckles and simply says ‘enjoy’

Pulling out, he slams into me, hitting the very spot designed to make me scream in pleasure. Arching, and pressing against the wall to meet his thrusts, head thrown back, begging for more.

He pounds into me… that piercing rubbing perfectly. Making me moan and shiver against him.

With a few thrusts, I’m cumming hard around his hard cock. Clenching my muscles, screaming, begging him for more…more…more…

I can feel him tense up. Fucking me harder than ever, raking his nails down my back, holding my hips to keep his leverage.

His hot, masculine release flooding me…searing.

Panting and sweating, leans over me, kissing my neck whispering nonsense words of praise and approval.

Finally, our breathing returning to normal, he straightens up and adjusts his pants.

Reaching over, he removes my hands from the wall, kissing each palm and lightly nibbling on the pads of my thumbs.

Holding my hands in his, he leans down and gently kisses me then walks away.

Watching him walk away, I whisper my thanks to the gorgeous stranger and wander off to find my car.