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Yay for tubs

February 11, 2017

I miss baths!


October 24, 2013

My ink tells a story. Every one of my tattoos mean a lot to me. I cant imagine life without my ink.

That being said, I had a conversation tonight about one of my pieces. I was asked if I was considering covering it up.

My reply was a resounding no. While the sentiment behind the piece has changed, it is still an important piece to me.

But, truth be known…I’m already thinking about changing it. Not a cover up, but something that makes it mine.  I’ve actually been thinking about this for over a month now.

Not sure how I can change it, but I absolutely am.

An unexpected evening

September 9, 2013




The ringing of the doorbell interrupted my thoughts.

Instantly, the nerves set in. first dates are always scary as hell. Will he be sweet? Will he be tall? Fuck me for agreeing to a blind date in the first place…I should have known better.

Calming myself, I walk to the door, placing my hand on the knob, taking a deep breath, I open it.

Opening my eyes, I look up into the most piercing blue eyes I’d see in a while.

Extending my hand, I can barely make the words form. Stupid nerves…

He shakes my hand and introduces himself…saving me from embarrassment

I nod and softly say my name, worried that the nerves will show in the tremble of my voice.

Grabbing my purse and keys, I close the door.

Luckily, reservations had already been made by our mutual friend at a small sushi bar around the corner from my place, well within walking distance.

Walking together, it was easier to talk without having to actually look at each other.

Chatting about our mutual friend and making general small talk to fill the time.

Arriving at the restaurant, we are seated quickly and given menus.

Making our selections, i excuse myself to the bathroom to freshen up.

After a bit of a pep talk with myself, I return to the table just in time to be served.

Digging in, we relax with beer and raw fish. Laughing at our initial skittishness, we share rolls and tea.

He’s laughing at my choices… I can’t help it if I like cream cheese.

He introduces me to futomaki, and I introduce him to tempura asparagus.

Bonding over a love of wasabi and bad jokes, it was a fantastic time!

Flirting was easy and wonderful. We were both interested and it was proving to be a good date.

Excusing myself again to wash my hands, he got up as well.

After I was done, walked out and noticed he wasn’t at our table.

I turn around to go back to the bathroom so I can repair my make up, and my face hit his chest.

“oh, I’m sorry!” I say as I back up a bit to give him his space.

The gleam in his eyes tells me that this was no accident.

He leans down and captures my lips in a searing kiss. My arms stretch up to his neck of their own accord.

His hands slide around my waist to rest in the small of my back, just above the curve of my ass.

Without breaking the kiss, he pulls me into the bathroom, and pushes me against the wall.

The unyielding wall behind me, and his rock hard body in front, I’m not able to move. But, I don’t want to…

He pulls my hips closer to his, making me feel his desire. I whimper against his lips, knowing that this is something I desperately want.

I can feel him smiling, it makes me do something a bit bolder.

I reach my hand down, and caress him through his jeans. His hips automatically arch into my touch, silently begging me for more.

Encouraged, I undo the button, and slide the zipper down, and slip my hands into his boxers.

His moan is loud enough to echo in the small bathroom.

Cupping and stroking his hard length, I’m amazed at how hot he is under my fingertips.

Growling against my lips, his fingers dig into my skin.

“Enough teasing” his voice is raspy in my ear. He spins me around and bends me over so I’m resting my arms on the sink.

I hear him pushing his jeans down, and feel him pulling my skirt up.

He lightly traces around my thong…my hip, my cheek.

Hooking his thumbs in the elastic he pulls it down to my knees, then using is foot, he spreads my legs apart as much as the thong will allow.

Stepping closer to me, he rests himself in between my cheeks.

Leaning down, his voice is deep with desire, “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I watched you bend down for your keys”.

Repositioning himself, he eases into my wet pussy. I bite my lip, trying to keep from moaning in pleasure.

Stretching and filling me, I feel him straining to hold on to his control. His hands grip my hips tightly, holding me in place.

Looking up, I see him in the mirror. Eyes closed, biting his lip. Enjoying the way I feel surrounding him.

He opens his eyes and sees me looking at him.

Eyes locked together, he slowly starts to pull out, I almost protest.

Slamming in to me, I scream as an orgasm hits me out of nowhere. Grasping the sides of the sink, I push back into him, allowing him to feel each pulsing wave as it squeezes his shaft.

Pulling my hair, he keeps hitting me hard. I can’t catch my breath as wave after wave of pleasure overtakes me.

Opening my eyes, I see him. On the brink of orgasm himself. One more thrust sends him over the edge.

I can feel his hot cum filling me up. He’s fucking me as hard as he can, pushing himself deeper and deeper into me.

Bracing myself against the sink, I lean into him, allowing him that depth.

One more push, and he’s done. He leans over my back, catching his breath.

Resting my head on my crossed arms, I fight for oxygen.

Standing up, he pulls me with him, his arms wrapping around my stomach. He leans down to whisper in my ear “not a bad blind date, huh”

I laugh, and agree no, not a bad blind date.

We allow each other to clean up and readjust our clothes. Walking out of the bathroom, I couldn’t help but giggle at what just happened.

Turning me to face him, he bends down and I feel his breath on my face, blowing the hair away…

Jolting awake, I hear a knock at the door. Confused, I look around. It was only a dream.

Walking to the door, trying to compose myself, I open it to the most striking blue eyes I have seen in a while….i smile a secret smile and introduce myself.







Blue Eyes

May 27, 2010

Cracked Rear-view