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What would you do

May 28, 2018

What would you do if I were yours?

Would you press your body against mine, hold me and let me feel how much you want me?

Would you rest your hands on my hips and gaze into my eyes as the world fell away?

Would you kiss me so deeply that my lips become swollen and I smile sweetly?

Or would you claim me as yours. Brand me. Pin me against the wall and whisper in my ear how only you will fill me. Only your touch will sate me.

Will you make me beg to have your hands tying me down. Immobile. At your mercy.

Will you have me blindfolded with silk, wondering where your next touch will land. Will you have my legs quivering, my hips arching….aching for you?

Will you take pride in my submission? Will it please you being in control of me? To take the wildness that runs free?

What would you do if given the chance?

New rings

May 2, 2018

Screw you


January 7, 2018

So, in your life you have one….maybe two IDEAS.  The kind where you just know it’s gonna be good.
I had one.  I finally brought it out into the open a few days ago and shared it with a few friends.

Well, it appears that my IDEA is actually a damn good one and we will be having a meeting soon to decide how to bring it to fruition. 

This will benefit many people. Like…  a crap ton. So much so, I’ve already told my best friend he will be moving from Poland to help work.
I can’t wait to get this going!!!!!!!!

Tatted up

April 5, 2017

This is water written in Burmese.  My newest tattoo. 

I saw a thing…

March 31, 2017

And i realized how much it was me. Haha

Long hard road

February 22, 2017

Manson did a song. Long hard road of hell.  He’s right. It is a long hard road.

Im trying to come back. It’s difficult. I miss the water. I never though itd be this hard. 


February 20, 2017

So after searching my sent folder in my email, i found my original 100 facts about me.  Ignore the typos, i had to do it all on my phone.

1. I am the baby of 4
2. I am left handed
3. I have 2 kids…my world
4. I am fiercely loyal
5. I am also fiercely possessive.  Mine means mine. ..dont fuck with it
6. Im obnoxious
7. Im loud
8. I have body image issues
9.but im confident.  Wtf
10. I have been best friends with Cat for over 20 years.
11. She is my longest relationship
12. Im addicted to my phone
13. I smoked for 20 years.
14. Am now 211 1/2 days smoke free
15. I am the best kind of friend to have
16.i kniw the difference between romantic love and friend love
17. I love deeply until im betrayed.  Then I love cautiously
18. I love Pepsi
19. Im pierced.   A lot
20. I have a lot of tattoos
21. I wish I had C cup sized tits
22. I collect nutcrackers.  Over 100
23. I idolize bettie page
24. I have few true friends
25. I love Australia
26. I have a ridiculous attraction to accents
27. I love boston terriers
28. Im smarter than I let on
29. Im dumber than I let on
30. I love to write erotica
31. I need that positive reaction from my blog
32. Im surprised people like me son has issues. Its hard to deal with
34. Im scared im the reason for them
35. I wonder who I’d be if I didbt go through the things I havw
36. It scares me
37. Im bi
38. I LOVE lesbian porn
39.i probably think about sex as much as a guy
40. I love jeff.  And I lust after other people.  
41. I dont think he understands that
42. I hate mt. Dew
43. My favorite color is forest green
44. I love being a fake red head
45. I have to read. HAVE TO. like breathing to me not thr same narrow minded prude I was 10 years ago
47. I used to bite my nails
48. Im attracted to gay men
49. I want more tattoos.  I love them
50. I had 3 orgasms while getting bettie on my leg
51. I had one while getting the new one
52.i would rather give head than receive it
53. I lost my virginity (voluntarily) at 17
54. Music soothes me. Fills the gaps in my soul
55. I miss my ex husband
56. I miss scott more
57.i am a messy person.  Not gross messy…stuff messy
58. I sometimes wish I could run away
59. I know I cant-its not an option
60. I love watermelon
61. I love southern comfort
62. I love to cuddle. I will cuddle with almost anyone
63. I have no sense of direction.  none
64. I say I have no tact. I do…I just don’t care most of the time
65.same thing with class
66. Im atrracted to sense of humor over look. 
67. Honor is 2nd on thw list
68. I have the sense of humor of a 12 yr old boy. Fart jokes and boobs
69… *giggles*
I prefer looking a word up in a dictionary verses my phone
70.when I say I love you…. I mean jt
71. I hate shaving my legs.  Its so annoying
72. But I lovr how they feel after.  Fail
73.i really dont think im an interesting person
74. I believe I give great advice. …for others
75. I love to cook. It centers me.
76.i question myself constantly
77. I have no idea why anyone likes me
78. I dont fish for compliments.  I honestly dont see what others see
79. I wear my heart on my sleeve
80. I care deeply.  Genuinely. 
81. I have only truly wver wanted to be a mother and a house wife
82.i love watching aan masturbate. Slow and teasingly. DRIVES ME INSANE
83. I have been in 2 fmf threesomes
84. I want a mfm threesome
85. I believe in open relationships
86. Polyamory
87. I get physically ill when a loved one is in pain
88. The sexiest thibg a man can wear is board shorts
89. I like a person with meat on them. Skinny people intimidatee
90. Music effects my moods. Horny…happy…angry. the right song changes it all
91. I wish I had money… id visit my friends
92. I like to take care of people.
93. Im resistant to new music
94. Unless I trust the person
95. I give GREAT cyber sex
96. While I have my girly moments.. I act more like a dude
97. Im scared of frogs
98. I have no problem pissing in public.  (Outdoors)
99. I have a fantasy about sex in public.  A concert
100. Im a Neil Diamond fan

100 facts pt. 3

February 19, 2017

51. I seem to always be exhausted

52. I work upwards of 60 hours a week

53. I love my job

53. Im damn good at retail.

54. I just wish i could get back into the clothing side.

55. That…that is where i shine.

56. Im a boring person.

57. I have no desire to do much lately but sleep.

58. I havent had a cigarette in over a year.

59. Im incredibly proud of myself.

60. I am a good cook. 

61. Im also great at giving recipes

62. I am inked.

63. 10 tattoos.

64. 11 piercings.

65. 2 in my right eyebrow

66. Im seriously considering a 3rd. 

67. Im not done getting tattoos

68. I love VC Andrews.

69. Good number

70. I read a bunch of her books in midddle and high school

71. One christmas my mom bought me all of the books and had me up to date with all of her series.

72. She spent about $200 that christmas

73. Not to mention all of the sibgle books for about 2 years.

74. I loaned them to a friend.

75. Bitch moved and took my books.

Long day ahead

January 31, 2017

When very vivid dreams leave you shaking like a Chihuahua and the songs that  keep playing are only adding fuel to the fire 
Its going to be a long day.    Hell…my hair across my neck is pure torture. 


100 facts part 2

January 24, 2017


26. I have an oral fixation

27.  it’s almost embarrassing

28. I also have a crush

29. And fuck….he is HOT 🔥 🔥

30. That….that is embarrassing

31. I moved to the middle lf no where in 2015.

32. I didnt know i would miss florida so much

33. Unless something major happens i plan on moving back.

34. I am a bottled redhead.

35. But i have the personality to pull it off.

36. I may have a knife fetish….

37. I would love to actually explore that

38. I do have a bondage fetish

39. I am a submissive

40. I have never given my collar.

41. I highly doubt i will.

42. I have yet to meet someone who can actually dominate me.

43. I guess im too much of an asshole?

44. I want to get more into the BDSM scene.

45. I believe in poly relationships

46. I know nkt everyone is cut out for them

47. I am also a jealous person.

48. But im working on that.

49. I sleep naked

50. I love to cuddle.
Ok. 51-75 in a few days. Its bed time.