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I miss writing

October 19, 2020

I miss it terribly. I realized that my stories came from being neglected in some way, and now that I’m not (happily collared kitten) it seems as though my inspiration has just up and fucked off.

I hate that. Oh, don’t get me wrong…im much happier now than I have ever been. But it sucks that it cost me my outlet. Ill never give up my Sir to write..but can’t a bitch catch a little inspiration?

Oh I know, it’ll come back. It always does. But the waiting and hoping is a killer.

good heavens…

August 29, 2018

new stories. new chapters. new… everything.

stuff is popping over here in BFE.  After the last story, I have yet another one brewing… i’m kind of at a stand still for the moment, but i have faith that it will happen.  just need to make time to be alone and let it flow.

that’s not something that ever happens in my life.

I’ve gotten yet another new job. This one came with a pay cut yet more hours for family. So, Im happier.


New stuff will be posted soon. So much has happened in such a short amount of time.



I’m alright

November 27, 2013

seriously, i’m alright.

funny… the stuff i did today, decisions i made, i couldn’t have made those 3 months ago.
Hell.. i couldn’t have done it 1 month ago.

I’m fine. It’s not effecting me at all.

to be honest, i’m rather shocked at myself, i’m such an adult (as I squeal in delight at my maturity)

I’m genuinely proud of myself. I did something that was hard, but i did it willingly, and with absolute faith IN MYSELF….

i’m typing this out with a smile on my face, and happiness in my soul.

I am no longer a part of the yo-yo