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I miss writing

October 19, 2020

I miss it terribly. I realized that my stories came from being neglected in some way, and now that I’m not (happily collared kitten) it seems as though my inspiration has just up and fucked off.

I hate that. Oh, don’t get me wrong…im much happier now than I have ever been. But it sucks that it cost me my outlet. Ill never give up my Sir to write..but can’t a bitch catch a little inspiration?

Oh I know, it’ll come back. It always does. But the waiting and hoping is a killer.


January 7, 2018

So, in your life you have one….maybe two IDEAS.  The kind where you just know it’s gonna be good.
I had one.  I finally brought it out into the open a few days ago and shared it with a few friends.

Well, it appears that my IDEA is actually a damn good one and we will be having a meeting soon to decide how to bring it to fruition. 

This will benefit many people. Like…  a crap ton. So much so, I’ve already told my best friend he will be moving from Poland to help work.
I can’t wait to get this going!!!!!!!!

Saturday night’s alright for….hugging and flogging

January 19, 2010

this weekend the other half and i have the chance to not only meet, @thekinkyempress, but to visit a dungeon for the first time.

we’re both excited and a bit trepidatious about it. not meeting empress,i really can’t wait to see her,  but going to the dungeon. we’ve been to a local swingers club, and it was skeezy/skanky/shady that we just weren’t comfortable being there.

as we were being given the ‘tour’, one guy kept following us, and giving me the creepy stalker eye. *GAG*

but, the other half googled the dungeon, and he feels comfortable with us going. i’m truly excited. i have no idea what will happen. if either of us will be playing or if we’ll just be taking in the scene, but i can’t wait to see what the night holds.

if nothing else, i’ll get to see my new friend!!! and i really can’t wait for that!